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Sugar Land Air Conditioning – Installation & Repair Info

Sugar Land’s YDFRE is a state-licensed and fully insured air conditioning repair and installation company. We offer the best, most cost effective air conditioning repair and installation in the business. Our technicians are always courteous and professional.

YDFRE has a few tips when it comes to saving money on your air conditioning bills. We recommend performing regular maintenance on your air conditioning unit and replacing the filter monthly during the cooling season and have a professional service your system at the beginning of each cooling season. In addition, keep your thermostat set on 78 when you are home and 85 when you are going to gone for several hours or the entire day. Try planting shade trees around your house to cut down on direct sunlight. This can reduce your cooling costs by up to 30 percent. And finally, close window drapes during the hottest parts of the days and install energy efficient ceiling fans. These and other useful tips can greatly reduce your monthly air conditioning bills.