Sugar Land Air Conditioning & Water Heater Installation - Installation & Repair

Sugar Land Air Conditioning & Heater Repair

Sugar Land’s YDFRE Air Conditioning and Heating Repair Company combine our state-of-the-art equipment, and trained technicians to meet the heating and cooling needs for your home or business. We work with each client to specially design the perfect heating and air conditioning solution.

YDFRE wants to offer repair tips that could save you time and money. First, check to see if your circuit breaker has been tripped not allowing power to the unit. And although the next tip seems obvious, double-check that your thermostat is set on cool and not heat. Thirdly, check to see if the outdoor system is running. If the inside unit is running but the outside unit is not, the system needs to be reset. Let the system sit for a few hours and try it again. Check your furnace filters. If they are dirty, change them and try to keep them clean for the most efficient system. And finally, don’t allow grass, weeds or litter to block the vents on your outside unit. Pull away, trim and remove any grass, weeds or debris around your air conditioning unit.